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The following versions are available :


Version 2.1.6   :   Download

Version 2.1.5   :   Download


List of changes and known problems



The DEMO-version is full functioning, except that there is a limitation of max 10 events.



Install :


The downloaded file is a zip-file that is unpacked by double-clicking it and afterwards installed. During installation the process will check if a needed Microsoft ’.net’-component (version 2.0) is installed at the computer.


NEW ! 


Earlier the user had to install the needed Microsoft ’.net’-component, which was delivered and placed in the installation-folder during the installation. Now I will install all the needed Microsoft-components automatically, if they are missing at your computer.


List over changes and known problems.



Version 2.1.6


Ready for download December 2010 :

*    It has turned out that Windows not always adhere to the defined sorting for files. Therefore I have now added a sort for the file names in the small window containing the vehicle files.

*    The number of periodically jobs has been extended from 2 to 10.

*    It has been brought to my knowledge that from Windows Vista (including Windows 7) will give an error message when the program is used in the DEMO-mode. This happens because of the enhanced security model in these newer versions of windows that collides with the copy protection build into this program. The copy protection mechanism has therefore been recoded entirely.

*    It is now possible to define a type of vehicle on a given file (car, MC etc). At the same time it is now possible to filter on the type on the entrance panel.



Version 2.1.5


Ready for download August 15. 2009. :

*    The site where our homepage is "hosted" has changed the URL without warning after a merge. Automatic update has therefore ceased to work. A manual download and install of version 2.1.5 is needed and this will reinstate automatic update !!

*    Corrected bug in rename of vehicle files.

*    Corrected bug concerning amounts > 9999 without decimals.

Version 2.1.4


Ready for download January 15. 2009. :

*    All prices and quantities for fuelling can now be registrered as true decimal numbers with 2 decimals and not as previously where only whole numbers could be used.

Version 2.1.3


Ready for download August 8. 2008. :

*    The table containing fuelling events have a new column containing the mile/gallon. This column can be sorted to provide a better overview !

Version 2.1.2


Ready for download 20. juni 2008. :

*    It is now possible to rename a vehicle file from the entrance-panel. At the same time it has also been made possible to delete a vehicle file from the entrance panel as well as 'inside' the vehicle. The buttons for rename and delete will become visible when a vehicle is selected in the list.

*    Fuelling – If a previous fuelling event was registrered with a '?' i milage, that '?' was pulled onto the field 'start this 'start milage this tank'. This has been corrected.

*    When a serie of events need to be typed in, it was time consuming that one had to change the date back in time for each and every event. Now the date from last event will be kept in the date-field when returning to type in the next event.

*    When the English language was chosen, it was impossible to register an event of the type 'REPAIR' because of a typo-error. This has been corrected.

Version 2.1.1


Ready for download June 2. 2008


*    ‘Open language support’ – Any user can now add their own language and distribute it between other users.

*    DATASHEET-support – It is now possible to print out a datasheet to place inside the front screen with the most important data and a free comment area.

*    All internal XML code has been recoded and modernized.

*    Check functionality to let the program check automatically if newer versions are ready for download, and if there is, automatically download and install it.

*    Support for multimedia-files. I.e. you can make video-clip and sound-clip and attach these (just like pictures can in the current version)

*    A given event can automatically reset one of the periodic tasks.

*    When you attach a multimedia-file to an event, you can now check a field, which will make the program COPY the multimedia file to the directory of your vehicle data. In this way you can gather all your vehicle data in one directory, which is an advantage, if you later will copy all data or move them to another



Version 1.2.5


Ready for download July 30. 2007


*    It has shown itself, that quite a number of people still uses a very low screen-resolution, thus only seeing half of the screens. Now I have made a check that will be done when the program starts up, which will give a message indicating the problem !

*    Besides this several minor things have changed, primarily to prepare for BETA2 which is the version, where the users can add new languages themselves. BETA2 is expected ready for download at the end of the summer !



Version 1.2.4


Ready for download May 31. 2007.


*    It was reported that repeating pressing the ‘SAVE’-button when putting in basic-information, WITHOUT leaving the panel in between gave a error. This is now corrected



Version 1.2.3


Ready for download April 7. 2007.


*    It was reported that version 1.2.2 had a problem with new vehicle being added. This is now corrected


Version 1.2.2


Ready for download March 21. 2007.


*    It was reported that in earlier versions there was a bug trigged by other date-formats than the central-European. Therefore all the older versions have been removed from the English download-page. I have put all efforts in solving this issue and have produced a version 1.2.2, where the problem is corrected.

*    This has given other smaller impacts on the format shown for dates in several places, but not any significant changes. As the testing of all the perhaps 100 different date-formats in Windows is a huge job, I would be happy for any report back; positive or negative.

*    On the Danish download page the version 1.2.1 is still not available, because the date problem does not show up on Danish/Central European Windows setting. When version 1.2.2 has finished quality testing it will be general available, but for now it was important to get the date-format bug corrected.



Version 1.2.1


Ready for download March 2007.


*    This version now contains a basic print-functionality, enabling you to print the data for your vehicle(s).

*    There is now a blocking so you are protected against going into the event-windows, if you have outstanding changes to the basic information.

*    I expect to extent the print-functionality but will await user-requirements.



Version 1.1.5


Ready for download February 2007.