Frank Petersen, Rødmose Handel presents :



An electronic Logbook for classic cars and motorcycles





The future :



Anyone that has good ideas or comments are more than welcome to contact me. I am very eager at improving this program to benefit all users.



On a little longer time span I have these ideas on the table :


1)                     Open text’ –

By this I mean, that I will put all texts OUTSIDE the program in a file with a well-documented layout. The idea is that there will be one text-file per language. Anyone will then be able to translate the texts form the program to German, Finnish or Swahili ! As soon as a new language file is produced, this new language will appear in the set-up screen.

If these translated files are send to me, I will publish them on this site, and the hope is that this program in this way will be translated to many languages.


2)                     A possibility of adding sound-files to a vehicle. Then the owner can hear the different sound in the long, cold winter !


3)                     To-Do events can be extended, so one can add check-boxes on every element in the to-do lists. By ticking these boxes one can indicate that this as been full-filled, instead on deleting it from the list.


4)                      At an event it should be possible to mark that this event ’resets’ one of the periodic tasks that you have defined. Then you don’t have to reset these manually !



1)                     Defining a encryption key, that will encrypt all or part of the data. You might want to encrypt price-information, so your wife can not see how much you have paid for your Jaguar or how much it costs in maintenance. Or you can encrypt key-numbers and registration-frame-number in case these data files gets into the wrong hands ! When you display the data, you will just have to type in the encryption key and the data will be readable again.


2)                     Export of a part of the data. For instance if you will attach it as an email or upload the data-file, it could be very nice to be able to do this on a selected amount of the data !!


7)      All ideas are received with gratitude !!!!